Medical Practicum with a Tropical Twist

October 6, 2017

A constant drizzle reminds us of the tropics and the rainy season we are in. We also have windy balmy days interspersed with cool tropical rain in the mornings and sometimes afternoon.

This have reduced the sauna effect of the torrid humidity we normally experience in the beginning of the rainy season. This makes practising medicine in the tropics different and while you may never use the experiences gained, it does broaden one’s horizons and expertise!

Much awaits you in Belize, from a walk on the wild side on one of the many weekend adventures in the vicinity, to a hands on experience with various tropical medical situations! Some you won’t get anywhere else. Our placements are in an eclectic township of approximately 20 K, small enough to recognize people you meet and make your practicum a fulfilling one.

Like surf are to boarders, great medicinal experiences awaits the intrepid Dr. students that makes Belize their placement experience.

We are here for you