University College Dublin students Medical Elective Belize placement

July 30, 2017

After making their way to Belize via Cancun, our daring Irish medical students are off on the second leg of their travel and practicum placements, after having an exciting three (3) weeks experience at the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Hailing from Dublin, they have made a journey to the only English speaking country in Central America, where the food is as inviting as it is succulent, fresh and easily palatable, as the people are  accommodating and friendly!

Under the mentorship of the Chief of Staff and resident doctors, these five (5) Irishmen have had many encounters with tropical diseases, rarely, if ever encountered back home. From working in the ER to taking vitals from locals in the Triage department, they have had a run of all the departments and services offered at this local health care centre.

“One of the best things about it from our point of view” says John, “ is we had a huge amount of hands on…….the sort of exposure that we probably wouldn’t get back home…….doing things like sutures, cleaning out wounds, performing ECG’s, helping in baby deliveries. The staff was very helpful and accommodating”
Mobile clinic days are something to look forward to!

Now don’t get it all wrong, their experience was not all work and no play……..they have had the pleasure of spending time downtown, having a cold brew in one of the many restaurants in the centre of town; a first-hand appreciation and feel of the ambiance of this eclectic town with the experience of the market day-Saturdays the usually sleepy marketplace is transformed to a bustling and vibrant display of food, exotic tropical fruits in season, books and many other items too many to list- a flea market where bartering and sales are closely intertwined.

We had an amazing treat by these students!!

After the customary farewell dinner, we were treated to a show by these very talented individuals. From poetry, juggling, singing accompanied with guitar to a traditional Irish dance! These guys are multitalented!!!!

We will cherish fond memories of you all! Safe travels and all the best!!