Top 10 Reasons to Do Your Medical Elective in Belize

June 21, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Do Your Medical Elective in Belize

1. To learn about Belize’s health system in its city and /or rural Hospital environment.

2. To expose the students to a variety of diseases that could be found in a Country in with

sub-tropical climates, for example: Dengue, Malaria, Parasitic Diseases and others.

3. Expose the students to the management of complex pathologies with limited resources.

4. To develop or enhance the necessary skills in obtaining medical histories, performing

physical exams, producing the differential diagnosis and treating patients in a Bi-lingual


5. To provide the opportunity, for those interested, of experiencing a unique Preventive

Medicine program in the city or in a rural community.

6. To improve the either your Spanish or English speaking skills, as we are a completely Bi-
lingual Country.

7. To experience the social and cultural characteristics of the melting pot of Cultures in

the Belizean community. Living with a Belizean family exposes you to the realities of the

People and gives you the feeling of that security of being home as you develop lifelong

friendships with your host family.